Sprint race 13.7.2011


Pre-start location


Startlist will be published tuesday evening! (race will be televised and some changes might be done in startlists)

Spint competition instructionIOF

Sprint World Ranking Event
Fin5 3 stage H/D21E
13.7. klo 15.00

Hiidenkiertäjät and Rasti-Vihti.

Rules: The race will use rules made by Finnish Orienteering federation and instructions made of organizers.


Event director: Timo Hietaoja
Trafic: Juha Tyni
Course setter: Petri Noponen
Media: Pekka Luoma

Technical advisor: Vesa Elovaara

Start: Niina Laakso

Finish: Petteri Patinen
Info: Leila Luoma
Resultservice: Petteri Patinen/RistoKivinen
Speaker: Mikko Reitti

Ari Kattainen (chairman), Päivi Niemi (member) ja Jouni Mähönen (member)

Racearea: Sprint race will happen in urban city area and in some slopes of Lohjanharju. The city area will be closed mostly for traffic, but the racers will be responsible by them self. The start and finish will be located in Lohja marketplace.
There will be several forbidden areas marked in the forest and in the map. There will be several organizers around the course. Going throw forbidden area, will result in disqualification.

Map: Sprintmap (printed), scale 1:4000 and contour intervals 2,5m. The map is made by Arvo Paulin. Map will be handed to the racer at the start time.

Control descriptions: Separated descriptions will be find at the start. They will also be printed in the map. Organizers don’t have any kind of material to fasten the description.

Startlist: Startlist will be seen in Fin5 website and in event center Tuesday 12.7. The list will also be at Pre-start.

Info: Will be in Sportcentrum ”Tennari”. Racenumber and plastic bag for equipments will be delivired there.

Pre-Start: Sportcentrum Tennari will be the Pre-start area. Pre-start will be closed at 14.30. All competitors must be there before that. At the arrival the racers must sign that they have arrive. All late racers will be out of the race. Racer warmup area is west from Tennari. Racers will be transported to the competition center about 30min before start time. Schedule for transport will be seen in Tennari Info. In competition center the warm up must be done in basement. There will be toilets in basement also.
Womens Pre-start will move to Tytyri school 15.30. That will be done by walking. All racers will start the walking together 15.30 outside of Tennari. Womens warmup will be done in Tytyri school area.

Using mobile phones: will be strickly forbidden at Pre-start area. Also looking the old map at Pre-start is strickly forbidden. Breaking the rules will result in discualification.

Equipments: At the Tennari Info racers will recive a plastic bag where they need to put the own equipments before the start in basement. The plastic bag will be at the finnish line waiting.

Racenumbers: Will be delivered at Info in Tennari sportcentrum. Racenumber need to be used all time during the race.

GPS-tracking: GPS vests will be delivered in basement at competition center. The GPS device will be handed out 2min before the start. Using the GPS device is mandatory.

Race shoes: Best shoes will be marathon- or running shoes.

Emit card: Emit punching system will be used during the race. Racer is responsible of the working of the emit card. Racer is responsible of that the right card with right number (given in entry) will be used in the race. Organizers will not check the work or the number of the card before the race. If racer use other card which have been informed to the organizers, the racer will be disqualified.
If the racer need new card, it will be possible to rent that in Tennari Info. Price for new card will be 5e.

Finish: Is located in Lohja market square. Going back from city to Tennari must be done by foot. There will be small map pieces given at finish to find to Tennari.

Forbidden areas: Race area is forbidden for racers when the competition runs.

Finnish Orienteering federation rules point 3.631 says that the following map symbols are forbidden areas:


                                                                                       Main partners:

Lohjan+Liikuntakeskus+Oy+(KUNNON+KAUPUNKI) (kopio)


       Pohjola  1 (kopio)       


         VEIKKAUS 4V VAAKA2 (kopio)


                                                                                         Event partners:



          Herbalife           Kisakallio JRC-Markkinointi   


                       Koivulankartano  Luksia Jukolan Viesti  Kainuun Rastiviikko